Adult Education

Offered in the Fall, Winter, & Spring.

Whether you are interested in becoming a teacher or leader to share your skills with others, or you wish to learn something new yourself, Adult Ed. classes are a great way for individuals to expand their wealth of knowledge, no matter their age or ability.

Teaching/Leading a Class

Teachers in the Adult Ed program present a set of skills to the class, which the class then practices and/or perfects. Some skills will improve an individual's professional employment opportunities, while others will enrich their personal lives. Teachers and leaders in the Adult Ed program are responsible for opening and closing the facility they use, if applicable. They are also responsible for managing the functions and conduct of the activity and all participants. Regarding compensation, for some classes teachers and leaders will be paid a stipend, and for other classes, they will be paid an hourly rate.

Joining a Class

Want to learn a new skill? Tired of feeling tired and interested in getting in shape? Do you wish you were part of a team to collaborate with? Are you eager to continue learning, yet not interested in pursuing college or university? Then Adult Ed classes are for you!

If you:

  • are interested in signing up for a class

  • want to become a teacher or leader for a class

  • (or) have questions regarding the Adult Ed. program and the classes offered

contact our Adult Ed. Coordinator, Bradley Dunn-meier, at:

*Please include name, phone number and email address with a short message.


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